Green Marble Glass Wall Clock, Modern Silent Creative Watch Wall Glass Clocks, 12-18 İNC




You can examine our glass wall clock in modern decorative and different designs. ❤️ We design our glass wall clock specifically and bring them to you.

📌 Product Information :

✔️ Made with grade 1 tempered glass.

✔️ Our products are undergoing tempered glass testing.

✔️ Our glass clocks are printed using a special technique with uv printing.

✔️ Tempered glass makes our watches no fade or yellows whatsoever, 100% guaranteed.

✔️ 100% real glass used glass thickness 4mm

✔️ Hundreds of different designs, high print quality and glass elegance all together

We are making our best efforts to make our glass wall clock extremely high quality and useful.

We care about customer satisfaction please share any adverse situation with us.

We also have different designs available for Living Room Clock, which you can review.

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📦 Product Sizes:

✔️ 31cm – 12.20inc – > wood chest size: 36x36x5

✔️ 35cm – 13.79inc – > wood chest size: 41x41x5

✔️ 40cm – 15.75inc – > wood chest size: 45x45x5

✔️ 45cm – 17.72inc – > wood chest size: 50x50x5


✔️ Your products are prepared within 2 days and the shipping process begins.

✔️ The fastest courier company (according to availability) is determined and your product is sent. ( UPS- TNT- FedEx – DHL )

✔️ We didn’t forget to send you gifts from Turkey 😊

✔️ Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

📦 Shipping Method:

Due to the negatives that can be experienced in glass cargo, the wooden protective crate is sent with boxes.

👂 If you have a special request, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you..

🔎 The designs of our glass clocks are chosen extremely specifically.

❤️ Please feel free to share it with us, especially if you have the glass watch design you want.

📍 Wholesale Orders:

We can collectively order for you to contact us on your orders 10 and above and we’ll create a more affordable quote.

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